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A history is a piece of backstory or fic describing events that happened before the timeline of t...

From the Forum

Test Chp 1

Web Novels Halflight

        Los Angeles – Present Day       O   ne thing about mornings; they always ...

MSJ {Character Profile}

Ficlets Mick St. John

    Mick St. John Male Lead in both web novels {Protagonist} Vampire character and private ...

Extended Fiction | Introduction

Series Incarnations

Hi!  Welcome to the Extended Fiction website. If you are already familiar, jump straight to the ...


Web Novels

Mick St. John


Immortal Game: Continuing Tale

Series Incarnations

WB Angel (1999)

Fandoms within the Series

USA White Collar (2009)

Fandoms within the Series

FOX Tru Calling (2003)

Fandoms within the Series

FOX Dark Angel (2000)

Fandoms within the Series

CBS Moonlight (2007)

Fandoms within the Series

Halflight Soundtracks

Series Incarnations

Original Halflight

Series Incarnations

Rule Book

How to post on this shelf & where to find your fics after posting

Role Playing Fic


"Interludes" are pieces of fiction that lapse between actual chapters of the web novel and expand...

Halflight Interludes

All the interludes written for the web novel "Halflight".

Halflight History

Immortal Game Interludes

Web Novels

Historical License

Instances where our mythology mixes with real historical facts and characters

Fandoms within the Series

Fandoms that are heavily referenced, or that we pull main characters from for the purposes of the...

Series Incarnations


Extended Universe Cameos

Fandom ❤

Everything about the fandoms the web series is built upon or are referenced in extended canon. ...

Members Shelf

All special fiction written by our members will be added to this shelf. {co-writers welcome. Pat...

Always & Forever Series

Here you can find all the information about the web novel series, its incarnations, origins and e...

"Mini" Fics

Mini-fics are short stories, usually set in "present-day" without time or place, as just little s...


Ficlets are a short work that is written independent of the novels, for a specific purpose. It co...

Halflight | Fic Synopsis

Web Novels Halflight

  Cassidy Michaels O’Shea is a vampire slayer from a long line of slayers, who finds her life ...