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If you are wondering where to get started, you can find the web novels on the main site and this helpful primer explains it all to you. If you are wondering how I came to write them, I discuss that under the series evolution, and there are always many helpful answers in our F.A.Q. Finally, hop directly to the book stacks if you know where you want to go.

Some entries in the extended fiction may include spoilers from either the tv shows or the web novels. They are masked in black LIKE THIS, so you can choose whether or not to view the spoiler content. To view, simply hover over the masking. They will be marked with {content spoiler} in aqua.

Some entries in the wiki may include graphic content. Like the novel chapters, we will mark those with an {explicit warning} in red at the top of the page, for reader discretion, if the content merits the "R" rating.

Within the chapters of the web novel, we link to associated topics in the wiki by using the {wiki} tag. This prompt will take from the chapter to the topic and the corresponding {chap} tag will take you back.  Use these two tags to cross back and forth between the wiki (for more information) and reading chapters.

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About the Series Canon

The fictional universe that encompasses Always and Forever series (as it was inspired by the former and short-lived CBS television series Moonlight) is complex, and I have formulated a lot of my own canon along the way that wasn’t contained on the series.

{People, places, ideas . . .} But, that’s what makes Always and Forever truly my unique creation as a web series, and puts it far past the “fan-fiction” where it all began.

What also can proves confusing is that the TV series itself was vastly different than most traditional ‘vampire mythologies’. They took a modernized approach on the show, set amid present-time Los Angeles as we know it, and had their own rules and ideas they went with for how {ancient, blood-sucking} vampires were able to live comfortably among humans. So if you are a fan of other vampire stories {e.g. Anne Rice} you may find difficulty grasping our unusual and truly unique mythology. Hopefully, the wiki will help to smooth out those canonical differences.


About the Wiki

I put together this wiki to track all of the many twists and turns since the series incarnation, hoping this will help our readers to follow the complex mythology of our A.A.F. fic multi-verse.


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