MSJ {Character Profile}



msjohn.pngMick St. John

Male Lead in both web novels {Protagonist}

Vampire character and private investigator. Heroic and compassionate, with a definite sense of conscieous towards his actions as a vampire. He uses his investigations to pursue bad guys and eats them and his immortality and invulnerability to protect mortals from threats.

Character Origin: CBS Moonlight
Celebrity Face Character: Alex O’Loughlin
Family Tree:
Biological unknown
(Ex-Wife) Coraline (Michaels) Duvall
(Daughter) Felicity “Fee” Sinclair



  • He didn't become a vampire by choice, but was turned against his will by his ex-wife on their wedding night.
  • 31, Born in Los Angeles, 1922, turned by Coraline on their wedding night in 1953.
  • Much of his family is unknown, Mick thought he birthed a son with a woman he had an affair with in the 50’s but it turned out not be his.
  • Single- he had to slay (kill) his ex-wife Coraline when she went off-the-rails (crazy) and kidnapped a child to turn her immortal. This is a serious crime against Vampire Law. He left her to die alone in a fire in order to rescue the child. Unbeknownst to Mick, Coraline actually survived the deathly fire and is now masquerading as a mortal photographer for Buzzwire under the alias ‘Morgan’.
  • Speaks fluent French (his ex-wife was genuine French); possibly other languages as well (due to his large client base).
  • BFF’s with vampire kingpin Josef Konstantin; Logan Cale is his research contact and ‘tech guy’.
  • Has medical training; was an army medic in World War 2, possible degree in medicine.
  • Favorite blood type (‘flavor’) is A+ . . . this is also Cassidy’s blood type.
  • Drinks mostly ‘bottled blood’ (freshies are rare); Guillermo (who works at the city morgue) is referred to as his vampire ‘dealer’.
  • Works as a private investigator, specializing in cases that focus on innocents who are victimized; Mick has a strong need to protect the innocent and punish the abusive with a visceral form of punishment/torment due to his ‘predatory nature’ (vampirism).
  • Has a mid-town apartment, quite close to his office. Is sometimes referred to as the “Fortress of Cool” as it’s a tidy, well-kept, modern bachelor pad.
    (53181 South Hope Street, Apt. #2210, Los Angeles, C.A.)
  • Drives a vintage Mercedes Benz (Black) in mint condition.
  • Met Beth Turner on a case and admitted that he was the vampire who saved her as a child from Cora turning her into a child vampire. Had a slight crush on Beth, but is struggling now with his more ‘fatherly’ affection, considering their unnatural age difference and the fact that he knew her as a child (a fact which will become more ‘present’ once he’s aware of Fee and sees the evidence flung straight in his face). Unbeknowst to him, Cora did this heinous thing to another innocent child (Fee) and Mick now has a vampire ‘daughter’ lost to him by his ex’s schemes.
  • Feels responsible for what the vampires did to Cassidy because he wasn’t there to save her like what he did for Beth when they killed her mother. Is resolved to help Cassidy find resolution for this in uncovering which vampire killed her family so she can put all the questions about her past to rest. Also wants to help Cassidy find any family remaining that might still be alive. Has feelings for Cassidy that he won’t cop to because his guilt over what sins vampires have committed against her won’t allow him to seek out any kind of romantic entanglement with her.
  • Investigating the connection between the Michaels and Duvalls in order to discover whether Coraline is still alive and connected to the ‘Cerc de Dracul’ matter. Discovers that Coraline was by blood/born a Michaels (a commoner) but sided with the Duvalls in the split and took on the Duvall name (birthright) when the Duvalls sister was struck down by Jeanette Michaels in defiance and killed. Not all the Duvall brothers agreed with this ‘family adoption’ by their sworn enemy however, and some of the brothers broke free and split the family over it.
  • Will be involved in a turf war between the Duvalls and the Sinclairs when the Duvalls discover Fee is ‘their baby’. Long lost Duvall brothers may ‘return to the fold’ as well. Related to Cassidy thru Coraline. Might also be the one to discover whether Caroline Michaels is actually still alive and living as a (perhaps insane) vampiress.




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