Series Evolution

If you are new to the world that is Always & Forever, you’re probably wondering what it is & where it came from?

How We Got Started . . .

The web novels actually began as a dream I had one night, based on the television series Moonlight that I happened to be viewing at the time. To quote my boy, Logan (ironically quoting his girl Max), “sometimes it feels so long ago that it feels like it happened to someone else. Like it was just a story I once heard..

But, it happened to me.

Once upon some-five-odd years ago, I had a dream so vivid, 3-dimensional and realistic that I thought it was reality until I woke up; the first of many to follow in dreams, role-playing and waking daydreams! Originally it had 3 characters: Mick St. John (the private detective from Moonlight), the Vampire Slayer and the “villainous” Vampire Prince (all of which you’ll see in the story) but it was later fleshed out with a wider cast of characters and a much more intricate plot. Though it was originally set in (and based upon) CBS’s 2007 modern-vampire program Moonlight, as a sort of fictional ‘alternate universe’ (where events play out differently than the show) it has grown into a complex tale all its own now.

It proved so exhilarating and exciting I couldn’t wait to commit it to paper, like a girl trying to journal her best day ever while the memories were sharp and fresh! The epic story followed, and it’s all but me journaling my “alternate life / best day” in detail over the past 5 years!

It is, and was, and evermore remains always “my best day ever”—and I like to reread and relive it often. The epic prose and staggering paragraphs are there to vividly repaint the memories in my mind, not just today, but twenty years later if I’m still rereading Halflight then, and I quite suspect that I will be (probably working on the 5th sequel but you didn’t not hear me sayin’ that!)

Five years later, the magic of Halflight is still going strong! I can tell you that Halflight (has and does) “writes itself”—the terminology I use for the way it feels like it actually happened “somewhere else” and I’m just journaling the events as they unfold (wherever else that might be). The best part for me is that I get to live it (albeit to a limited extent—“vicariously” some might call that).

Some might say it’s an excuse for rampant Mary Sue-ism. My response to that (in the words of the immortal Maed) is a simple and concise: ‘bite me’. Maybe it is, but no more so than “Harry Potter” or “Twilight”. Most epic stories begin with a little Mary-Sue-ism at the heart; which of us don’t seek an escape from time to time and enjoy identifying with characters from other worlds?

I believe Halflight (& Immortal Game as well) stand on their own feet, as a rich tale embodied with modern heroism, epic adventure and romance and unforgettable characters that will enrapture you in their lives and stories.

For me, it’s been an amazing five-year journey and become practically the “Gone With The Wind” of fanfics. In the end, I call it “magic” more because it’s a gift that I don’t understand. “Magic” stands for “supernatural and inexplicable”. I don’t know where it comes from or why I can do it and other people can’t, so I can’t clearly explain it to people either. All I know is it comes to me and it’s special. Whether my fairytale will “end happily” or even “end” at all, I couldn’t tell you. I haven’t reached that point, so it’s a mystery and a journey to me still and I’m in as much suspense as the reader. I can tell you I don’t regret a minute and like you, I just can’t wait to see what happens next!

The Creator and Writer of the Fictional World of Always & Forever,

C | Author of Always & Forever