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Inspired by CBS cancelled tv series "Moonlight" The #1 disclaimer is: while it's fair to say that Halflight has grown substantially and moved past where Moonlight (the unfortunately short-lived television series that Halflight was based on) left off, it's origins and founding cast are (admittedly) not 100% original.
(see Series Evolution)

I do not own CBS or Moonlight Therefore, by way of explainer and legal disclaimer: I don't own the series, I'm not associated with CBS or any of the actors or producers of the Moonlight television series and I did not create it. This is a not-for-profit fansite and I am just a fan writer.

Celebrity Face Characters (Cast)

I don't represent the celebrity face cast In the same respect that I don't own any of the shows or fandoms mentioned in Halflight, I don't own or manage any of the celebrities used in the face cast. You can find their names, official websites, and credits in our Wiki.

I do not own the fandoms the face cast represents Some celebrity characters were chosen because they were already actors cast in roles in specific fandoms that either play a role in Halflight, or make a cameo appearance. I do not own any of these tv shows or fandoms.

Adult Content Advisory

Reader Discretion Needed Halflight has an overall fic rating of "R"-Restricted. Ideally readers should be 18 years of age or older. Chapters which contain explicit content will be marked with an advisory in red. Proceed at your own risk.

Some Chapters Include Strong depictions of supernatural violence, including character death || graphic story imagery || adult language || explicit sexual content

(Original) Co-Author Rights

Arielle - Co Author There was a co-author to Halflight in the beginning (known in the Halflight-verse under the name of Professor Arielle Quigont). Without going into great detail, she left the Halflight web novel project prior to its completion, about halfway thru the novel.

Recognition of Content As a matter of intellectual property, she is recognized here for her previous contributions, largely in research and feedback. Upon her departure from the project, the rights have reverted back to C, as creator and author.

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